Plug Into Your Own Cloud With Updated Pogoplug

Cloud Engines updated the Pogoplug, which connects your USB drive to the Internet to access and share your files with anyone or a select set of users from anywhere, according to the company. And there's even an iPhone application where you can access files via the snmartphone, Cloud Engines said.

The Pogoplug retails for $129. Cloud Engines said this week that it has extra USB 2.0 ports to connect up to four external hard drives. The new pink color of the device indicates it may be targeted at consumers, but it could be an affordable alternative to small businesses looking to sample cloud computing before diving in in a bigger way.

Users click on to access the device, then click on a file, folder or album to open it. Owners enter the e-mail addresses of those who can access the data.

The new model includes updated software for syncing with Apple's iTunes and iPhoto as well as Windows Media Center.

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Compatible drive formats are NTFS, FAT32, Max OS Extended Journaled and non-Journaled (HFS+) and EXT-2/EXT-3; Pogoplug works with Safari, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and Chrome Web browsers.