Boxee, D-Link Team for TV Device

At least that's what Boxee is hoping for, via its just-announced partnership with D-Link. Boxee, an aggregator of Web video, is launching the Boxee Box, which will combine Boxee's service of providing video from Web sites such as Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central and Pandora, and presenting it in a visually friendly, organized format with D-Link's technology. Ultimately, that combination will result in people watching tens of thousands of movies and TV shows, organizing and playing their favorite home movies and photos, and playing music from their home networks or from Internet sources whenever they want, right in their own family rooms.

"By pairing Boxee's innovative social entertainment platform with D-Link's technology we're able to create a solution that introduces people to what TV should be. Additionally, we're bringing a new level of social interaction to the living room," said Daniel Kelley, senior director of marketing at D-Link Systems, in a statement.

The Boxee Box by D-Link will deliver movies, TV shows, music and photos from users' computers and home networks to their HDTVs with no PCs required. The device enables interactive communication so friends can discover new content from each other through social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

The Boxee Box has 2 USB ports for expansion and can quickly connect to a home network using 802.11n Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. It will be available in the first half of 2010. Although the manufacturer has not released a price, The New York Times is reporting the Boxee Box will retail for less than $200.

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The product will be demonstrated by D-Link at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.