Google Chrome Tablet To Challenge Apple iPad?

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No sooner does Apple finally take the wraps off its iPad tablet than rumors of a Google Chrome tablet come into focus. As more details of iPad emerge and debates rage about whether Apple will have traction with iPad in enterprises, Apple's tablet rivals are apparently getting ready to challenge it right away.

Will Google and a Chrome tablet lead the pack?

The latest buzz on a Chrome tablet comes thanks to the Chromium Projects, which helped lead development efforts of Google's Chrome operating system and this week is showing off a number of mockups on its Web site that indicate a Google Chrome-based tablet PC might not be far off.

The Chromium Projects is not a Google-operated web site, but a page devoted to potential Chrome tablets at the Chromium Projects shows off a number of photos and design ideas for a potential Google Chrome tablet.

While the Chromium Project clearly states "this is a concept UI under development" and "designs are subject to change," the site offers a number of photos and even a video.

Further, according to the Chromium Projects site, these are some of the Chrome tablet ideas currently on the table:

* Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored split, attached to focus

* Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites

* Contextual actions triggered via dwell

* Zooming UI for multiple tabs

* Tabs presented along the side of the screen

* Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

Apple may feel the heat of competition -- from its less-friendlier-by-the-minute old buddy, Google, no less -- right way.

Of course, tablets to rival Apple's iPad aren't exactly a new concept. There are quite a few non-Apple tablets already, with more on the way thanks to a glut of new tablet releases at this year's CES.

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