AMD Channel Veteran Bixler Starts New Channel Venture

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Bixler started his career at AMD in 1992 as a strategic marketing engineer just as the company launched the 40MHZ 386 microprocessor.

From there, he moved into a product marketing manager role for the launch of the K7 processor, the first processor to reach 1GHz and the predecessor to the popular AMD Athlon.

But it was his channel roles that made him a star at AMD. Bixler was frequently named as one of the industry's most influential channel chiefs by CRN and the channel programs that he created regularly received CRN's 5-Star Awards.

Bixler himself says that channel marketing was key to his success at AMD.

"Channel marketing is all about knowing how to tell the story in a way that partners not only understand, but then are able to retell," he said. "Our job was getting partners to buy into and believe the AMD story. Through all of it there has been a theme of AMD delivering products based on an open industry standard architecture that was good for customers and in turn for partners as opposed to Intel's proprietary architecture."


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