AMD Channel Veteran Bixler Starts New Channel Venture

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One of Bixler's creations was the popular AMD Tech Tour road shows that featured AMD's latest and greatest, and held in the biggest cities in convention centers providing partners access to AMD top-level engineers.

"That was powerful for smaller partners," Bixler said. "They realized they were talking to the source, getting the real scoop. That made them feel special. They had inside knowledge and insight into our product and what we were thinking."

Bixler's last big challenge at AMD was merging the AMD channel program and the ATI channel program into a worldwide program, the AMD Fusion Partner Program, as a precursor to the next-generation processors combining graphics processors and CPUs onto a single chip.

"That [channel] program is the key to the next big technological advancement at AMD," said Bixler.

"It was critical that we get partners integrated into the same program because we are about to totally destroy the lines between CPU and graphics putting them on the same silicon," Bixler added. "This is just as revolutionary as the direct connect or the 64-bit architecture."


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