AMD Bullish On Future Of Graphics Business

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After a mixed third quarter, AMD is looking to build on its edge in graphics technology while still trying to figure out how to capitalize on it.

Dirk Meyer, the CEO of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), emphasized the importance of the company's graphics business during AMD's third quarter earnings call Thursday. Meyer spoke at length about the growing importance of both discrete and integrated graphics units as AMD focuses on protecting its margins.

"To the extent that the industry conversation is increasingly a conversation around graphics," Meyer said during the Q&A. "I just think that's awesome news for AMD, since we've got the world's best graphics. And clearly graphics capability is increasingly important to consumers, given what they do with these machines."

AMD is expected to release the 6000 series of its Radeon reference design next week. AMD acquired Radeon in its 2005 acquisition of ATI, a brand name AMD dropped last month. Meyer confirmed that the release of an AMD product was pending, without specifying which product.

"We'll be introducing our second-generation of DX11 technology into the market with some launch activities next week," Meyer said.


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