Intel Cuts Prices For Mobile, Desktop Processors

The CPUs affected belong to Intel's Core, Celeron and Premium product families. Among desktop processors, the Core i3-550 is now priced at $117 per unit, a decrease of 15 percent, while the E5700 is now $64, a decrease of 15 percent.

The Premium E6700 Pentium is now $75 per unit, down 13 percent. This means the E6700 now costs the same as the slightly less-powerful E6600 model.

Intel's Celeron E3400 processor is now priced at $42, down 21 percent from last month. That's actually cheaper than the E3300, which remains at $43 per unit. Intel's pricing for Core i5 and i7 chips also remains unchanged.

Among mobile processors, the Core i7-640 LM is now priced at $311, a 6 percent decrease from last month, while the Core i7-660M is priced at $289, down 9 percent from last month. Each of the mobile processors affected include 4M L3 cache and 4 threads, making power consumption an underlying concern for customers and a possible reason for cutting the prices. .

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