Intel Slashes Prices Of Solid State Drives

Intel says its SSDs can improve performance by up to 56 percent. SSDs also offer the advantage of having lower power requirements and no moving parts.

“Every Christmas, consumers are looking for the latest tech gadget; this year, with prices dropping, the solid-state drive is becoming more mainstream and can make the single greatest improvement to PC performance,” Troy Winslow, director of product marketing for the Intel NAND Solutions Group, said in the statement.

The new 120GB Intel X25-M SSD, which is priced at $249, offers the best value of any of the X25-M drives, according to an Intel press release. PC users can replace or complement their hard drive with an SSD in order to store operating systems, applications, and files.

Intel is selling its 80-GB, X25-M SSD for $199 and a 160-GB version for $415. At the other end of price and performance scale, Intel's entry-level 40-GB, X25-V drive is priced at $99.

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Intel's drives are available at Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics stores throughout the U.S., as well as online at Amazon or Newegg.