Dell Vostro V130 Features New Intel Cooling Technology

Dell on Tuesday launched a Vostro notebook equipped with Intel's new Hyperbaric cooling technology.

The Vostro V130 uses an internal fan that draws air into the system to cool components including the CPU, whereas most PC designs use internal fans to push hot air out.

"By using cold air directly from the outside and then directly blowing across the hot components, you create a more efficient cooling solution," said Dr. Rajiv Mongia, Principal Engineer for Intel’s Innovation and Technology Team told CRN. "This is because by blowing air across the components, you create more intense convective cooling and often get more cooling flow through the platform. This cools the internal components such as the CPU."

Mongia said Hyperbaric cooling allows for better heat transfer and uses cooler air.

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"By being more efficient with the cooling air, you can run your fan at lower speeds -- resulting in a quieter laptop," said Mongia. "The improved cooling solution can also be used to create a cooler laptop at the same fan speed, [which] allows more efficient cooling and therefore lower temperatures."

Along with the new cooling technology, Dell has added Intel's new Core ULV processor to the latest Vostro product.

The 13-inch Vostro V130, the follow-up to Dell's V13 laptop, is 0.65 inches to 0.78 inches thin and weighs 3.5 pounds. The V130's design emphasizes mobility as well as durability.

’With the V130, we are adding the functionality customers asked for without sacrificing the beautiful design they fell in love with in the V13,’ said Sam Burd, vice president of Dell's Consumer, Small and Medium Business Product Group, in a statement.

The V130 also includes two USB 2.0 ports, shared USB/eSATA port and VGA, and an HDMI port for connecting to an HDTV display. Dell has also added a SIM card slot to the V130 and upgraded its built-in Webcam. Networking capabilities include 802.11n wireless technology, Bluetooth 3.0 and WIMAX for customers inside the U.S.

The Vostro V130 is available for a starting price of $429.