Intel Unveils Itanium-Based Poulson Processors For Mission-Critical Computing

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Intel declined to provide a specific timetable for bringing Poulson to market. "At this point won't make any comment on schedule," McInerney said. "We're comfortable with where it is, it's on schedule and on track for where we want to be."

Intel previously disclosed that Poulson's successors will be code-named Kittson and McInerney confirmed that Intel's product roadmap had not changed in that regard, without offering any details for Kittson.

"We are very excited about the possibilities that exist with Itanium moving forward and will be sharing more Kittson product details in the future, as the development phase progresses forward," McInerney said.

Last February, Intel introduced its Itanium 9300 series processors, allowing Intel to retire its Tukwila moniker five years after launching the first Tukwila processors.

Intel followed up in March with the launch of the Intel Xeon 7500 series Nehalem EX server processors, aimed at bringing mission-critical hardware capability into the mainstream.

Intel did not offer pricing details for its upcoming Poulson processors.


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