SeaMicro Releases Server Running Dual-Core Intel Atom N470 Processors

server dual-core

Intel in a blog post said its dual-core Atom N570 processor runs at 1.66GHz and includes 1MB of L2 cache. It draws 8.5 watts of power and supports DDR3 memory and will give netbook PCs battery life on par with that of systems running on single-core Atom processors. According to the post, systems from manufacturers including Asus, Lenovo and Samsung based on the Atom N570 chip are on display this week at CeBit in Hanover, Germany and will begin shipping in March.

"Intel is committed to working with innovative companies to deliver extraordinary solutions," Jason Waxman, general manager of Intel's Data Center Group, said in a statement. "The combination of SeaMicro's unique server architecture and the new dual-core Intel Atom processor, which provides 64-bit OS support and four gigabytes of OS-addressable memory all while maintaining the benefits of x86 software compatibility, makes for a very compelling value proposition."

Intel says the Atom N570 supports 64-bit operating systems with four gigabytes of operating system addressable memory per socket, and that it is the first low-power Atom chip to offer support for virtualization. In addition, Intel's Atom N570 offers the best performance per watt for Internet workloads of any server processor, according to SeaMicro.

SeaMicro's Atom-based server is intended to reduce power and space requirements, while offering processing performance equivalent to that of multiple servers in a rack. SeaMicro's architecture combined with Intel's Atom technology offers 512 x86 cores running at 1.66 GHz each integrated onto a 10 Rack Unit System.

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SeaMicro said its SM10000-64 server runs on a 1.28 Terabit per second supercomputer style fabric, enabling five times more bandwidth per unit compared to previous server models and preventing network bottlenecks from slowing down application performance.

The SM 10000-64 server also includes 1.024 Terabytes of DDR3 DRAM, and support for eight to 64 one gigabit Ethernet uplinks, as well as up to 64 SATA solid state or hard disk drives. SeaMicro says its new server offers a 75 percent reduction in power consumption, without requiring any software modifications.

The SeaMicro SM10000-64 is available in the U.S. starting at $148,000.