AMD Channel Chief: Embedded Markets Incorporate Variety Of Partners

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AMD's channel chief says the embedded market is one of the more exciting untapped opportunities for both AMD and its reseller partners, who will now have access to additional benefits under the AMD Fusion Partner Program's new systems and technology track for embedded markets.

David Kenyon, vice president of worldwide channel marketing at AMD, said that there are two main specialties among resellers of embedded products: those who partner with embedded OEMs and the newer, emerging category of single-board ODM partners.

"There really are a couple of different businesses within embedded," Kenyon said. "One of the things about the track that we're proud of is that it's sensitive to the way our partners do business and not just how we do it."

Kenyon, who spent the week at Embedded World in Hanover, Germany unveiling details of the new track, said it was important to incorporate the embedded space into AMD's global program. "Traditionally we've handled our businesses directly, and managed it regionally, but we have not been as globally consistent as some of the others in the business," Kenyon said.

Kenyon said the embedded market is more complicated than most of AMD's other businesses, as it incorporates thousands of different kinds of partners. "Embedded is pretty exciting, I think," he said. "There are so many different tools and products that integrate this kind of technology from automobiles to digital signage, and all the vertical markets that take this stuff and use it. There are all kinds of partners that sell in those end markets, so it's a bit of a complicated channel as well."

AMD at Embedded World said its new track offers embedded partners access to AMD's resources and online sales, marketing, and technical support as well as product roadmaps and other reference materials. Partners will also be able to sign up for AMD Academy technical product training using a combination of on-site and online instruction.


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