Benchmarks Reportedly Leaked For AMD Interlagos Server Processor

AMD’s upcoming multicore Interlagos processors, based on its Bulldozer architecture and intended for AMD’s Opteron line, have reportedly been tested and benchmarked in direct comparison with Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i7 server chips., which earlier this week posted benchmarks for AMD’s Interlagos processor, tested Interlagos in a dual-CPU setup using a Phoenix Test Suite and Arch Linux lightweight distribution running on a Linux 2.3.67 kernel. The suite was loaded onto a 2-TB SATA drive with 64 GB of DDR3 memory in a Supermicro server motherboard. Each of the 16 benchmarked Bulldozer cores ran at 1.8 GHz.

According to, the benchmarks selected for the Phoenix Test Suite include C-Ray, Parallel BZIP2, Himeno, SciMark 2, Compression, and the Stream memory tests. Interlagos achieved a C-Ray time of 25 seconds, which was faster than both the quad-core Intel Core i5 2500K Sandy Bridge processor, as well as the higher-end Core i7 970 Sandy Bridge chip, each of which tested at 61 seconds.

In the Himeno test designed to run at lower clock-speeds, the 32-core Interlagos chip scored a less impressive 88 MFLOPS. In the Parallel BZIP2 Compression test, Interlagos processed a 256-MB file in 6.27 seconds. According to, more results based on the anonymous AMD server partner’s leak may be forthcoming once their accuracy has been verified.

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According to Tom’s Hardware, an independent AMD server partner leaked the benchmarks for AMD’s upcoming Bulldozer-based Interlagos chip, which listed the powerful, 16-core Interlagos processor as "AMD Eng Sample ZS182045TGG43_28."

In an e-mail to CRN, AMD said its Interlagos server CPU will include 8-core, 12-core and 16-core versions based on the Bulldozer architecture’s 32-nm chipset fabrication process. In addition, AMD said Interlagos will carry the AMD Opteron 6200 series brand, and that AMD’s ’Marariello’ Opteron 6000 cards for socket G34 will support Interlagos. AMD says it plans to launch Interlagos in the second half of this year.

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AMD's Bulldozer will reportedly represent a complete CPU redesign from the ground-up, AMD’s first since the introduction of its Opteron products. AMD's Interlagos processors are based on the chipmaker’s Bulldozer architecture, which is scheduled first to appear in client systems in Q1. Until then, AMD lacks a product in the high-end server space to compete with Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 chips.

As for the Bulldozer architecture itself, AMD said its multi-threaded x86 CPU cores will appear inside four-core, six-core, and eight-core Zambezi desktop processor due sometime in Q2. In addition to Interlagos, AMD plans to introduce the Bulldozer architecture in its Valencia chips for 1p and 2p servers.

Earlier this month, leaked images of AMD's multi-core Zambezi desktop processors appeared online along with new details. Based on the leaked information, Zambezi will be branded as AMD's FX series CPU line, feature AMD's TurboCore 2.0 technology, and come to market in June.

AMD in February launched its most recent server processors, the 12-core and 8-core Opteron 6100 series chips, through its OEM and system builder partners.