Three Must-Have SuperSpeed Tools From Tripp Lite

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Tripp Lite SuperSpeed



When a large file transfer is required and time is of the essence, there's nothing worse than seeing Windows pop up with the message that "this device could run faster if..." To avoid those situations, Tripp Lite's U360 USB SuperSpeed 4-Port Hub turns one USB 3.0 host port into four, and gets its power from the host port or from the included AC/AD adapter.



Using the same Windows test fixture, we tested two Intel SSD drives with IOmeter, one connected via the U339, and other with the U357, and both connected to the host machine through the U360 hub. Maximum transfer rate for the two drives was 76 MBps, or about 38 MBps each, slightly faster than when drives were tested individually. The hub introduced no measurable latency. The U360 hub includes a USB 3.0 host cable and AC/DC power supply and is backward compatible. It works with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, lists for $59, and sells for about $43 on the street.

Tripp Lite began shipping its three fine USB 3.0 accessories -- the U338 USB SuperSpeed to SATA Adapter, U357 USB SuperSpeed External 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure, and U360 USB SuperSpeed 4-Port Hub -- on June 1, and all are covered by a lifetime warranty. After our thorough testing, the CRN Test Center recommends them for anyone looking for a high-quality, high speed external drive solution.


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