CRN Test Center: Samsung Releases Central Station For Businesses

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Samsung 650

Central Station works with Windows XP and Windows 7; drivers for Vista and Mac OS X are scheduled for release sometime after September and will work with the same hardware. The unit also includes HDMI and RGB inputs, can work as a KVM switch, and uses about 40 percent less power than similar products thanks to a user proximity sensor and other power saving technology. The specified range is 5 feet, but effective range is about 12-15 feet, depending on the physical environment.

In addition to its utility as a docking station for mobile users regardless of laptop brand, Central Station also has applications in schools, libraries, corporate conference rooms, waiting rooms, visitor cubes and other drop-in locations where physical connections are desired.

The 24-inch model C24A650X will list for $660 and sell for an estimated street price of $480; the 27-inch model C27A650X lists for $880 and sell for around $640. According to the company, its prices for a docking station-enabled monitor are about $200 more than for a similar Samsung monitor alone.

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