AMD Updates OpenCL Software Development Kit for Llano Chips

The updated SDK improves development efficiency and increases developer's access to the full functionality of the A-series chips, AMD said in a press release.

Enhancements include CPU-to-GPU bandwidth improvements, with data transfer rates of 15 GB per second when using AMD's A-series APUs. Additional time-saving improvements for developers include reduced kernel launch times and reduced PCIe transfer overheads, the company said.

In April, AMD launched its A-series Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APU), a set of processors for high-end desktops and laptops. The A-Series chips combine up to four x86 CPU cores with up to 400 Radeon graphics cores and dedicated HD video processing all on a single chip. OpenCL is the language used to give non-graphic applications access to the computing power of the graphics cores.

Graham Brown, chief technology officer at software development firm Corel Corporation, said the improvements to the SDK represent a streamlined experience for developers.

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"With the introduction of the AMD A-Series APUs and these new enhancements to the SDK, AMD is removing hardware barriers and reducing coding complexity to help developers build immersive computing experiences," Brown said in a statement.

AMD courted developers at its first annual Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington in June. Dave Kenyon, vice president of Worldwide Channel Marketing at AMD, said a key point in the company's Fusion strategy is building developer support for the new Fusion architecture.

"The first Fusion Developer Summit, I think, shows our willingness to engage with the developer community," Kenyon said at the event in June. "Getting vertical applications based on Fusion for the channel is key."

Meanwhile, as noted by the blog CPU World, pricing details have emerged for three new A-series processors. On retailer CostCentral's Website, AMD's A8-Series 3800 is currently selling for $150.16, the A6-3600 is selling for $126.87 and the A6-Series 3500 is listed for $104.22.