AMD Unveils ‘Ready Solutions For Servers’ For Upcoming Opteron Release

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AMD on Wednesday unveiled its Ready Solutions for servers program, a collaboration between the processor company and server platform manufacturers, including Asus, Supermicro, and Tyan, to deliver ready-to-market Opteron 6200 processor-based motherboards.

Ready Solutions for server platforms will be available through AMD distributors the day of the Opteron 6200 processor launch. AMD has not revealed a release date for the next-generation processors, although the Ready Solutions initiative indicates the date is near.

The Ready Solutions for server program was built to ensure verified server platforms are channel-ready by the processors’ launch date. According to AMD, Ready Solutions will allow Opteron 6200 processors to be seamlessly “dropped” into existing socket infrastructures, accelerating both customers’ and motherboard manufacturers’ time to market.

The platforms are said to meet a range of server workloads, including HPC, cloud computing, virtualization, enterprise and database applications and Web/email servers, the firm said.

"With AMD Ready Solutions for servers, our customers can find complete and verified server platforms in the channel the day of launch," said Paul Struhsaker, corporate vice president and general manager, Commercial Business at AMD. "The combination of the existing socket infrastructure already in place with AMD Ready Solutions will enable faster and easier upgrade paths to new levels of server performance and scalability."

Brent Barry, Senior Manager, North America Channel Marketing at AMD, believes the Ready Solutions for servers platform benefits both AMD customers and distributors within its channel.

On the customer side, AMD Ready Solutions for servers will align infrastructure availability with that of the new Opteron processor series.

"We were looking at what things we needed to do to improve customer demand and customer needs. One of the things that was clear was the need to have available infrastructure lined up with the availability of our processors,” Barry told CRN. “We wanted to make sure we had essentially golden boards ready to help customers get to market very quickly and, to do that, we wanted to make sure we had boards that were rigorously tested and validated by AMD."

AMD distributors within the channel will also benefit from the momentum offered through the Ready Solutions platform, Barry said.

"It’s also key for distribution partners," Barry told CRN. "It means they have a product they can offer day of launch to make sure their customers are able to build up solutions right when they are ready to. I think it’s an overall benefit to all of us throughout the ecosystem."

Kent Tibbils, VP of marketing at ASI, an AMD channel distributor, agrees that the Ready Solutions for server portfolio accelerates resellers’ time-to-market, and affirms AMD’s dedication to its channel partners.

"One of the key advantages channel resellers have is their ability to bring new technologies to market at a faster pace than the larger multinationals. Channel resellers are extremely agile in their ability to deploy products that leverage the latest technical innovations. Initiatives such as AMD’s Ready Solutions program dramatically improve the channels competitive advantage by helping ensure the entire platform has a faster time to market," Tibbils told CRN. "Clearly this program has benefits for resellers and emphasizes AMD’s commitment to supporting the channel."


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