Digital Signage Splash: Test Center Reviews Four Displays

The Test Center checks out displays and software from ELO, HP, LG and NEC

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Elo TouchSystems 22C2 Medical All-In-One Touchcomputer

Elo TouchSystems 22C2 Medical All-In-One Touchcomputer





Solution providers targeting the health-care industry are surely familiar with the requirements that devices must adhere to before they’re acceptable for use in hospitals and other facilities dealing with human lives. Elo TouchSystems, a division of TE Connectivity that develops and markets touch-sensitive displays and systems, in August added 19- and 22-inch models to its C-Series Medical All-in-One Touchcomputers with certifications for use in health care.

Both new models are certified under the UL60601-1 and IEC60601-1 specifications for electrical safety and comply with the EN 60601-1 specification for safety and EN55022, EN55024, and EN 60601-1-2 for electromagnetic compatibility. What’s more, both are RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant and are enclosed by a PI-X1-certified cabinet that’s resistant to dripping water and spills.

We found the 22C2 to be a rugged and responsive workstation that’s as handsome as it is durable. The 22-inch display is bright and crisp and worked perfectly with touch navigation once the correct drivers were installed. The test system was equipped with a dual-core 32-bit Atom 1.66GHz processor running Windows 7 Professional on 2-GB DDR2 memory (expandable to 4 GB) and Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It’s also available with Windows POSReady 2009 or with no operating system.

Out of the box, the display performed best on the contrast and black level test screens. For contrast, all but two of the 32 color regions were discernable, and in black level tests, 10 of the 12 boxes were visible. For white saturation, only four of the 12 checkerboards were clearly visible. Lowering the contrast setting brought more checkerboards into view. On-screen controls, which consist of menu, select, and left and right arrows, are found along the bottom edge of the display.

The Atom-based LED-lit unit requires no fan and consumed just 46 watts under normal load and never exceeded 96 degrees. The screen at its hottest point measured 91 degrees. All C-Series models support single-finger gestures on Windows 7; a multitouch screen is optional.

The system is equipped with six USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, two RS-232 ports, audio in/out, and two PCI-E expansion slots. Elo-branded PCI-E expansion options include Wi-Fi, dual USB/cash drawer port, RAID, second VGA port and others.

Elo TouchSystems also offers multiple options in terms of touch technologies, including resistive and capacitive products that are responsive to nonorganic materials such as a gloved hand. The two models are available only in white, which the company says is preferred by health-care environments for its aesthetics.

Depending on configuration, the Elo TouchSystems 22C2 Medical All-in-One Touchcomputer list price ranges between $1,600 and $2,300 and is backed by a three-year warranty with advance replacement in North America.

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