Intel Launches Small Business Advantage Platform For SMB Customers, Resellers

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Intel launched Tuesday its new Small Business Advantage (SBA) platform, said by the chip maker to arm SMBs with the data back-up, software monitoring, and power-saving applications they need without compromising productivity.

The platform, which was unveiled at Intel’s Developer Forum this week in Beijing, China, also delivers new opportunities for Intel partners looking to carve a space for themselves within the SMB market, the company said.

Intel SBA runs on the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker’s second-generation i3, i5, and i7 Core processors and is available for both desktop and notebook PCs. It offers six applications out-of-the-box to automatically monitor the overall health and security of the PC. For SMBs – which sometimes lack dedicated IT teams – Intel said this level of automation is especially valuable.

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"When we dig in and take a look at the characteristics of that market, small businesses, for the most part – in fact, our data shows about 90 percent of small businesses – don’t have any kind of IT department and are not managed by any kind of managed service provider," said Dan Russell, director of Intel’s Business Client Solutions Marketing.

What’s more, Russell explained, SMBs tend to view PCs as "mission-critical" devices, hosting all company data ranging from accounting to sales to HR. Because of this, a PC failing can create a halt on almost all employee operations.

Intel SBA ensures SMB PCs stay "healthy" with its PC Health Center app, which automates software updates and maintenance tasks. The app performs the updates after hours, even if the computer is turned off, to avoid disruptions during business hours.

Another Intel SBA app, Software Monitor, ensures security software is up-to-date and alerts SMB users of any potential compromises. The Data Backup and Restore app automatically schedules after-hour data back-ups.

An Energy Saver, Wireless Display, and USB Blocker app are also included on the SBA platform.

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