CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Review: Nokia N95 8GB
    Is Nokia's N95 a phone with a camera, a camera with a phone, or a media player that lets you stream video calls? The Test Center examines the device to see what gives.
  • Getting Started In Midmarket Blade Server Market
    Jay Tipton, owner and vice president of business solutions at Fort Wayne, Ind.-based solution provider Technology Specialists, and a director on the board at the Computing Technology Industry Association, on getting into the midmarket blade server market:
  • Super Micro, IBM and Dell take the midmarket blade server challenge

    Blades Of Glory
    When CRN Test Center reviewers first set out to examine midmarket blade servers, much of the rhetoric in the space revolved around claims and counterclaims by giants IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. Each company claimed to offer the best solution for midmarket blades, and the invective between the two was more heated than the racks of dense servers each could plug into a wall.
  • Grappling With The Challenges Of Vista's Battery Life
    In the months after Microsoft Corp. began shipping notebook PCs with Windows Vista installed--and even during Vista beta-testing phases--many users complained about poor battery performance. Before long, a memo began spreading that the flashy Aero Glass user interface was to blame.
  • Chip giant pushes into Internet device and ultramobile personal computer space

    The Atom-ic Intel
    All of IT is moving more of its day-to-day work toward the edge of the network, and Intel Corp. is seeking to move more of its resources there as well--clearly positioning its new Atom lineup of low-power processors to take advantage of that growth potential. And the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker believes the channel will play a big role.
  • Churning up IT spending this year: war, a tough economy and a presidential election

    The Perfect Storm
    War, recession and politics. This year is shaping up to be a perfect storm of uncertainty for vendors and public sector VARs.
  • Handling Blade Server Objections
    Rob Wolfe, founder and executive director of Avcom Technologies Inc., a solution provider in Sunnyvale, Calif., on how to overcome the challenges of selling blade servers to midmarket customers:
  • Bake-Off: Eight Color Printers Put Through The Paces
    Of all the major segments in IT, the printer space remains one of the most expansive and competitive. While consolidation in the software and PC spaces has continued apace over the past year, the printer industry is as broad as ever—and choices remain as complex when it comes to color printing.
  • IBM Invests In Brazilian Startups
    IBM's seeking startup companies, software developers, and organizations incubated in universities, which can attract the interest of venture capital investors.
  • VAR's Warehouse Voice System 'Speaks' To Workers
    Picking products in a warehouse may not be the easiest job in the world, but with an application recently deployed by solution provider Lucas Systems, Do It Best Corp. has taken advantage of a new trend in warehouse technology: a voice-directed, picking application.
  • Review: Motion Computing's Vertical-Focused F5
    An increasing number of service and commercial businesses have been trying to use tablets to boost productivity and workflow. Motion Computing introduces the F5 for the vertical market.