CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Are Palm Treo 800w, Centro Signs Of A Palm Comeback?
    With the release of the Palm Treo 800w and the various Palm Centro models, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based device maker is hoping to stage a comeback and gain some market share back from the likes of Nokia, BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone.
  • 7 Emerging Hardware Vendors
    For a fresh take on hardware, solution providers should check out these up-and-coming vendors from CRN's 2008 Emerging Vendors list.
  • Art Comes Alive With Converged Network
    Museums typically showcase the old. Classic pieces of art and sculpture to take visitors back in time. But with a little help from NEC, the Dallas Museum of Art is taking a modern approach. With LCDs and digital signage solutions from NEC, along with its Univerge solutions, the museum is bringing exhibits back to life.
  • Review: AMD's X4 9350e CPU
    The Test Center examines AMD's latest, energy-efficient CPU to see how it performs, and how it holds up.
  • Chip Wars: Intel, AMD Both Gain On Competitors
    Research firm iSuppli's Q1 report has Santa Clara chip giant Intel picking up the short-term gains in global microprocessor market share, Advanced Micro Devices has the long-term juice and x86 continues to deliver a massive architectural beat down on all comers.
  • Some food for thought as the CRN Test Center builds its own green PC

    The Environmental Differential
    It's hard to figure out just how strong the "go green" movement in IT is, but with oil hovering around $140 a barrel, the appeal of cost-savings and environmental benefits isn't going away.
  • Microsoft Rolls Out The LED Carpet For PC Gaming
    Software giant's Games for Windows event in San Francisco features first looks at titles like Civilization IV: Colonization and Call of Duty: World at War, as well as the latest cards and rigs from Nvidia, AMD, Toshiba and Alienware.
  • The ABC's Of Ultra Mobility
    Having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced world of smartphones, handsets, MIDs and UMPCs? Never fear! Just dive into ChannelWeb's easy-to-digest alphabetical guide to all things ultra mobile.
  • PC Use Hits 1 Billion Worldwide
    Gartner estimates PC growth has climbed mainly in mature markets, such as the U.S., but emerging markets are also poised for growth.
  • 2008: Year of the Notebook
    In the first half of 2008, PC makers have shown the market more innovation than they have in years -- and it shows no sign of letting up. Here is a look at just some of the top notebooks the Test Center has taken a look at in just the first six months of the year.
  • BenQ Brings On The Hi-Def
    As everything in the audio/visual world starts to gravitate toward high definition, manufacturers are scrambling to make their mark. With its new MP730 projector, BenQ is also entering the fray.