Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Go Bluetooth Speaker

Summer is the perfect time to bring music along for the ride. And the recently released Minx Go Bluetooth speaker from U.K.-based Cambridge Audio is an ideal companion. For $149 list, the audio-device maker's latest entry-level product cranks out an incredible amount of sound for a box that's just five inches high and nine inches wide. The 2.4-pound powerhouse is available in black or white, is rated to deliver 18 hours of sound on a single charge and has a few extras not seen on other products in the category.

The Minx Go Bluetooth speaker actually has five speakers. Two 0.75-inch titanium tweeters produce crisp highs, a pair of 2-inch woofers push the low frequencies and a rear-mounted bass radiator gives the system its pop. Sound can come in wirelessly from Android devices, iPad, iPod, iPhone and any device with a Bluetooth radio or by using its stereo mini (3.5mm) jack. If you're using the included AC adapter, a USB port provides power for a smartphone, tablet or other device to charge its Lithium-ion battery. A rubber base keeps it in place, and a center leg pivots out to prevent flipping.

At loud volume, we noticed no distortion but did detect a slight buzz during some strong bass sections. Voice reproduction quality is excellent at all volumes with no buzz or distortion. Volume is slightly louder using the audio jack than with Bluetooth, but quality is roughly equivalent. There's no input selector; Bluetooth input overrides the jack. Volume is adjusted with easy-to-find (+) and (-) buttons on the top of the unit, straddling the power button. A long-press here turns the unit on or off, each of which is accompanied by a unique sound. A double-press activates pairing mode and a flashing blue LED. Auto-shutdown is invoked after 30 minutes of inactivity.

For $149, the Minx Go Bluetooth speaker provides excellent sound quality at good volumes, excellent battery life and versatile utility. A carrying pouch also is included. For comparison, it's 50 bucks cheaper but quite a bit larger than the Sound Matters FoxL, which also provides excellent sound and doubles as a Bluetooth speakerphone.

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