Partners High-Five New Xerox 'Work Can Work Better' Branding

Solution providers say a new multimillion-dollar Xerox branding campaign, with the tagline "Work Can Work Better," is just the kind of air cover they need to drive sales gains in the intensely competitive document solutions business.

"I like how the new marketing is about what my business is about -- simplifying processes and making work better," said Joshua Justice, president of Southern Solutions, a Waldorf, Md., Xerox partner, noting that he believes the campaign will help him better market Xerox-based solutions. "It's a very positive message, and I think my customers will see that. ... It shows Xerox has their best interest at heart and is focused on solving their specific issues."

The new campaign is the the first major branding initiative from Xerox Chief Marketing and Communications Officer John Kennedy, the former vice president of IBM Global Services who took the top Xerox marketing job one year ago.

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Kennedy said the new campaign puts the focus squarely on what the $20 billion document solutions behemoth can do to help customers solve business problems. The campaign focuses on "practical solutions that address the way people, business processes and technology intersect for real business outcomes," he said.

The new campaign initially features two 30-second television spots describing how Xerox works "behind the scenes to manage business processes and improve how work gets done," the company said. Four subsequent spots dive deeper into specific industry issues and the company’s perspective on customer care, human resources, health care and transportation.

Xerox said the campaign also includes a redesign of with "shareable stories that highlight Xerox clients and their industries in a personalized and user-centric way."

The first "Work Can Work Better" call out on features a perplexed-looking executive holding a virtual reality device under the tagline: "Everybody's talkin' at me: So many 'solutions' to problems you didn't know you had. Maybe it's time to change the work and work the change."