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7 Big Announcements Nvidia Made At SIGGRAPH 2023: New AI Chips, Software And More

Dylan Martin

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang used his keynote at the SIGGRAPH 2023 event as somewhat of a victory lap for the GPU giant, whose company has become the foundation for many generative AI applications, as the veteran semiconductor exec unveiled new chips and software capabilities to power AI, graphics and simulation workloads.

Nvidia AI Enterprise 4.0 Comes With New LLM, Kubernetes Features

Nvidia is rolling out a new version of its Nvidia AI Enterprise software suite with new features for creating and customizing large language model applications and deploying AI models in Kubernetes containers.

Launched in 2021, Nvidia AI Enterprise gives organizations the AI frameworks, pre-trained models and tools they need, among other components, to develop and deploy AI applications.

The fresh features in Nvidia AI Enterprise 4.0 include Nvidia NeMo, the company’s cloud-native framework for building, customizing and deploying large language models for a variety of generative AI use cases such as rendering images, videos and 3-D models from text prompts.

The new version will also include Nvidia Triton Management Service, which automates the process of deploying AI models through multiple Triton Inference Server instances in Kubernetes clusters to optimize performance and hardware utilization.

Another incoming feature is Nvidia Base Command Manager Essentials, which is cluster management software that helps organizations “maximize performance and utilization of AI servers across data center, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.”

Nvidia AI Enterprise has been certified to run on Nvidia-certified systems, Nvidia DGX systems as well as major cloud platforms and newly announced Nvidia RTX workstations, according to the company.

The software suite has been integrated into services from ServiceNow, Snowflake and Dell Technologies as well as the partner marketplaces of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Integration is also coming to several MLOps tools, including Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning, ClearML, Domino Data Labs, Run:AI and Weight & Biases.

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Dylan Martin

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