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8 Big Announcements At Nvidia’s GTC 2023: From Generative AI Services to New GPUs

Dylan Martin

At Nvidia’s GTC 2023 event, the chip designer revealed new cloud services meant to help enterprises build generative AI and metaverse applications as well as new GPUs, systems and other components. CRN outlines the biggest announcements that will open new opportunities for partners.

New Cloud Services, GPUs And More

Nvidia unveiled new cloud services aimed at helping enterprises build generative AI and metaverse applications alongside new GPUs, systems and other components at the chip designer’s GTC 2023 event.

Jensen Huang, the company’s CEO and co-founder, used his Tuesday keynote to position Nvidia as the preeminent provider of solutions for accelerated computing needs, including the massively popular category of generative AI, and said that traditional CPUs aren’t well-suited for these increasingly demanding workloads, both from a performance and efficiency perspective.

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He claimed that Moore’s law is slowing down and coming to an end, referring to the observation championed by rival Intel and made by co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years.

“As Moore’s Law ends, increasing CPU performance comes with increased power. And the mandate to decrease carbon emissions is fundamentally at odds with the need to increase data centers,” Huang said. “Cloud computing growth is power-limited. First and foremost, data centers must accelerate every workload. Acceleration will reclaim power. The energy saved can fuel new growth.”

While multiple delays of Intel’s latest chip manufacturing technologies over the past several years have raised questions about the staying power of Moore’s law, its CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has said that his company can “maintain or even or even go faster than Moore’s law for the next decade.”

Nvidia announced several new products and services at GTC 2023 to expand the applications enabled by GPUs, improve GPU performance and make GPU computing more accessible. These included the DGX Cloud AI supercomputing service, the AI Foundations services for custom generative AI applications, the L4 and H100 NVL specialized GPUs, and the Omniverse Cloud platform-as-a-service. The company also disclosed more details around its Arm-based Grace and Grace Hopper Chips and said it has begun production for its BlueField-3 data processing unit.

What follows is a roundup of eight big announcements made at Nvidia’s GTC 2023 that will create new opportunities for channel partners, which includes the new products and services as well as the cloud service providers and server vendors who are backing them.


Dylan Martin

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