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8 Big Announcements At Nvidia’s GTC 2023: From Generative AI Services to New GPUs

Dylan Martin

At Nvidia’s GTC 2023 event, the chip designer revealed new cloud services meant to help enterprises build generative AI and metaverse applications as well as new GPUs, systems and other components. CRN outlines the biggest announcements that will open new opportunities for partners.

Nvidia Launches DGX Cloud With Support From Oracle, Microsoft And Others

After teasing DGX Cloud at Nvidia’s last earnings call, the GPU giant marked the launch of the new AI supercomputing service at GTC 2023 with initial availability from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

DGX Cloud is a service designed to give enterprises quick access to the tools and infrastructure they need to train deep learning models for generative AI and other applications. It does this by combining Nvidia’s DGX supercomputers and AI software and makes them available in a web browser through instances hosted by cloud service providers.

“We are at the iPhone moment of AI. Startups are racing to build disruptive products and business models while incumbents are looking to respond. Generative AI has triggered a sense of urgency in enterprises worldwide. To develop AI strategies, customers need to access Nvidia AI easier and faster,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during his GTC 2023 keynote.

DGX Cloud instances are available now from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The service is expected to land at Microsoft Azure in the third quarter, and Nvidia said it will “soon expand to Google Cloud and more.”

At the software layer, DGX Cloud includes Nvidia’s Base Command platform, which manages and monitors training workloads, and it lets users right-size the infrastructure for what they need. The service also includes access to Nvidia AI Enterprise, a software suite that includes AI frameworks, pretrained models and tools for developing and deploying AI applications, among other components.

At launch, each DGX Cloud instance will include eight of the A100 80GB GPUs, which were introduced in late 2020. The eight A100s combined bring the node’s total GPU memory to 640GB. The monthly cost for an A100-based instance will start at $36,999, with discounts available for long-term commitments.

Nvidia plans to make available DGX Cloud instances with Nvidia’s H100 80GB GPU at some point in the future.

Dylan Martin

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