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Dave Shull On Why HP Partners Need to ‘Change The Dialogue’ With Customers And The ‘Astonishing’ Road Ahead

Steven Burke

New HP President of Workforce Services and Solutions Dave Shull has already met with dozens of HP partners in an open dialogue on how to structure partner compensation for partners in a “lifelong” customer relationship services model.

What are some of the things customers are looking for from that hybrid work experience?

(One of them is) digital equity in a meeting. There are a lot of pieces to that. It’s making sure someone can participate (in a video conference) and we can gauge the sentiment and understand whether they are engaged or not. When we are sitting in a room like this it having multiple camera angles so that instead of seeing all five of us of us presented in sort of that executive presence frame you would have multiple cameras picking up different boxes to present the meeting in an equitable manner. Then it becomes a much more comfortable experience for whoever is remote.

Likewise if there are 30 people on the call we can tell if we missed getting the perspective of person X, Y or Z. From a digital equity point of view that is huge. So we have lots of partnerships with Zoom, Microsoft and Google and others on that.

We at HP and Poly collectively believe the intelligence at the edge that can be brought to bear between the Poly image processing and the HP compute is something that is really, really critical going forward. And the rooms that we build out have to have those components otherwise it won’t provide for a compelling experience. That experience for digital equity is sort of the key to getting employees back in the office.

We all think there is some value for people being in the office. Food is amazing. But food is not sufficient. You have got to make the experience in the office better than the one at home or employees won’t come in (to the office).

How much better is this going to be for partners as HP moves to a lifetime relationship model?

My commitment to them is I want them to own that customer for life and I want to bring the full power of the HP brand, the HP services capabilities, the HP balance sheet to bear to support that and how do make it even bigger on that basis. I think it could be astonishing for all of us.


Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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