Digital Signage/Monitors

  • Monitor Madness
    Any solution provider who is not pushing headfirst into the public display monitor market should have his or her head examined.
  • Apple Bolsters Power Mac G4 Desktop Line
    Giving a much-needed jolt to its professional-level offerings, Apple on Tuesday added a 1.42GHz dual-processor Power Mac G4 to an upgraded desktop lineup and trimmed prices on its flat-panel display family, which now includes a 20-inch model.
  • Samsung Reduces Monitor Bezel, Prices
    Samsung introduced two LCD flat-panel monitors with reduced prices for the channel, along with a new line of ultraslim monitors and promotional incentives for its wide-screen lines, at the Consumer Electronics Show held here earlier this month.
  • Samsung Offers New Flat Panels Priced For Channel
    At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Samsung introduced two LCD flat-panel monitors with reduced prices for the channel, along with a new line of ultra-slim monitors and promotional incentives for its wide-screen lines.
  • Comdex: LCD Monitors To Feature Better Tech, Lower Prices
    Monitor makers this week at Comdex Fall are gearing up to roll out thinner, brighter and less expensive flat-panel LCD monitors equipped with such enhanced features as 170-degree viewing screens and the ability to mount on a wall.
  • BenQ's New Wares Bank On Digital Technology
    BenQ is set to unveil several products, including a new flat-panel 15-inch LCD, optical storage formats, digital projectors and digital cameras during Comdex Fall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
  • Remote Management on Display
    One of the most difficult network-management problems has little to do with the actual network itself but occupies a very visible and important place for all enterprise-computing users. The problem is how to remotely configure and maintain in operating condition a company's collection of desktop computer monitors.
  • Flat-Panel LCDs: What’s Ahead
    For the typical desktop, most IT managers considering flat-panel LCD monitors will be looking at 15- and 17-inch displays, priced in the $400 to 500 and $700 to $900 range, respectively. Customers requiring a step up in performance can go with larger displays or add digital interfaces and pay incremental premiums. Those that really want to push the envelope and are willing to shell out five figures for a monitor can look for ultra high-resolution displays suited for the most demanding of medical, manufacturing or design applications where the highest level of precision is essential.
  • Beyond Status Symbol
    While prospects for a surge in near-term PC sales remain dim, flat-panel LCDs appear to be the one bright spot for solution providers. Plummeting prices and improved features are moving the products beyond status symbol to become a viable alternative to aging CRT monitors.
  • Philips 150MT LCD Truly Shines
    Royal Philips Electronics has outdone itself with the 150MT, the next generation of multifunction LCDs that crosses the line between IT professional and home user.
  • Making Room For Monitors
    Thanks to 9X Media, a vendor based in Sunnyvale, Calif., companies using multiple-monitor display solutions may have found a way to make the most of limited desktop space.
  • CNS Scores Big In Monitoring Sports Arena's Network
    Brian Gorman, vice president of MIS at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, based at the Meadowlands Complex in East Rutherford, got more than he bargained for when he hired Computer Network Solutions three years ago.
  • ViewSonic Pushes The Display Envelope
    ViewSonic plans to push the technical envelope this year with its monitor lines, with special attention to wireless connectivity, data and video performance and ergonomics.