Intel: More Than 50 Tiger Lake Laptops, 1st 10nm Xeon CPUs By 2H 2020

'While product development in a work from home environment is extremely challenging, we are largely on track for our 2020 product deliverables,' Intel CEO Bob Swan says during the chipmaker's latest earnings call, where he reiterated some of the company's biggest product plans for 2020.


Intel CEO Bob Swan said the company expects more than 50 laptop designs using the chipmaker's 10-nanometer Tiger Lake processors and its initial batch of 10nm Xeon Ice Lake server processors will ship in the second half of the year as the company weathers the impact of the coronavirus.

Swan made the disclosures during the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company's first-quarter earnings call Thursday, where the CEO expanded on the chipmaker's strong performance in the first three months of 2020 while underlining the economic uncertainty the company faces for the rest of the year.

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"Even as COVID-19 drives significant disruptions across the globe, our long-term strategy to deliver the world's best semiconductors for an increasingly data-centric world is unchanged," he said. "The environment is uncertain, but our priorities are unwavering."

Intel's launch plans for Tiger Lake, the second laptop processor lineup to use Intel's 10nm process technology, and Ice Lake, the first Xeon server processor lineup to use 10nm, are coming as rival AMD has already launched several desktop, laptop and server processors using its next-generation 7nm architecture. Intel, in the meantime, has only released one next-generation 10nm processor lineup so far, Ice Lake, which came out last summer for ultrathin laptops.

"Using our second-generation 10nm process, Tiger Lake will deliver breakthrough performance, and our customers have more than 50 fantastic Tiger Lake-based notebook designs lined up for the holiday season," Swan said. "Finally, in the latter part of 2020, we continue to expect initial production shipments of our first 10nm-base Xeon Scalable product, Ice Lake."

Intel revealed Tiger Lake as the successor to its Ice Lake mobile platform at CES 2020 in January, promising a double-digit improvement in overall performance as well as graphical performance from the processors' integrated graphics that is on par with discrete GPUs. The Ice Lake server platform, on the other hand, has been hyped by the company since 2018.

"While product development in a work from home environment is extremely challenging, we are largely on track for our 2020 product deliverables," Swan said in the earnings call.

While Intel decided to withhold guidance for its full-year 2020 revenue forecast, Intel started the year with double-digit growth in its PC and data center businesses, which were propelled by the sudden shift to work from home prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and cloud service providers, respectively.