• Bake-Off: Unified Threat Management Appliances
    You can squeeze a whole lot of security out of a good Unified Threat Management (UTM) product, because these appliances carry up to a dozen intrusion-prevention and network-protection safeguards all in one box. For the most part, solution providers like to install a UTM device at a small- to midsize-business client site and let it handle jobs typically taken on by several hardware and software solutions. ClearPointe Technology has taken that strategy and run with it.
  • VARs: Leopard Server A Viable Alternative To Microsoft
    The Apple Leopard Server debut is a week away and solution providers are voicing their enthusiastic expectations for the application. Many believe it will simplify their clients' calendaring needs -- and provide them an alternative to Microsoft's Exchange application, which many solution providers say is costly and support intensive.
  • Well, Aren't We Nosy ...
    When we set out to test notebooks for toughness, the thinking was as complicated as this: Beat them all up and see which survived.
  • Raidon Makes RAID Simple
    Systems integrators have access to a wide array of RAID controllers on the market. They're fast, can support eight hard disks or more, and offer multiple RAID options. However, they're often too expensive for home offices and small businesses.
  • Nero 8 Does It Again
    The Nero 8 burning software is simpler to use than ever. A new project launcher provides complete access to all the tools, but that's only the beginning—Nero is now Web-savvy. With one click, users can upload videos onto some of the largest social networking sites on the Web like YouTube and MySpace. They can also upload music as well as other media files.
  • Channel Payday
    What a great time to be in the channel! Solution provider salaries across the board from owners to technical talent to salespeople are soaring.
  • Three-Tiered Service
    The online data backup and storage business is booming as established storage vendors like EMC, Seagate, Symantec and others buy providers of the service, putting them in direct competition with a growing host of small businesses.
  • Distribution Shifts Gears
    Last month, some of the leading distribution executives in the channel sat down with CMP Channel editorial director and vice president Robert DeMarzo and assistant news editor Scott Campbell following the GTDC Summit in Newport Beach, Calif., to talk about how they are shaping their companies for 2008 and beyond.
  • Toughest Notebook Challenge
    There's the solution provider who outfitted a major metropolitan area police department with notebooks for its patrol cruisers, only to see them die under the bump, strain and heat that goes with keeping the hot summer streets safe.
  • ShadowRAM: October 15, 2007
    Sometimes, when you write about the channel, it's not the easiest job to describe to the relatives at family reunions. But, thanks to solution provider Stratix, we now have the perfect way to bring them into the conversation.
  • Tech Innovation Is Alive And Well
    What do these three companies have in common: Yosemite Technology, Hawking Technology and Catbird? They are all promising, new technology companies trying to get attention in the IT market and build their brand and visibility.
  • 5 Steps For an Easy RAID 1 Setup
    Channel Test Center engineers scoured the earth for a no-frills approach to setting up a RAID array for small businesses. Here's what they came up with.
  • VARs: Vendor Better At Products Than Partnering
    Solution providers seem fairly pleased with their vendor partners' overall product quality and reliability, but not much beyond that. In the 2007 VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey, registered partners generally gave their vendors the best scores in the area of product innovation, which includes product quality and reliability, as well as technical innovation, and richness of product features and functionality.
  • 2007's Top Innovators
    When it comes to product innovation in the fast-moving IT market, no one comes close to Intel. That's the word from solution providers who gave the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant the top grade for product innovation for the second consecutive year in the 2007 VARBusiness Annual Report Card survey.
  • Avaya Dials VoIP Up A Notch
    Avaya hosted Channel Test Center engineers for a demonstration of its Intelligent Communications VoIP approach. Along with traditional IP telephony hardware, the vendor offers customers software applications that use the voice component to make business processes more effective and reliable. Accepting the many reasons why a customer would not deploy a 100 percent Avaya system, Avaya partners with other vendors and solution providers to make integration of unlike systems easier.
  • Regaining A Technology Edge
    After falling behind rival chip maker Advanced Micro Devices on "wow" factor for the better part of two years, Intel began to regain its traditional dominance of the CPU market with marked improvements to its Core 2 Duo family of processors in late 2006. It then put the pedal to the metal with the launch of a quad-core processor nearly a year ahead of AMD.