• Home System Backup in a Windows World
    Save often, and to multiple destinations. Everyone hears that piece of sage advice, but it's not always followed. An application like Windows Home Server that makes backups easier to perform and manage is worth a first, second and third look.
  • Cash Cow
    By partnering with large technology vendors the likes of virtualization darling VMware, upstart Acronis has positioned itself as a key emerging vendor for VARs selling virtualization, and backup and recovery solutions.
  • Mortgaging The Future
    Some of the biggest and most powerful vendors in the technology business are about to be walloped by a subprime channel crisis.
  • PCs Are Cool Again
    It's been a long time since a lot of our most interesting stories were coming from the PC space. For a time, PCs were so uncool that a certain magazine changed its name from Computer Reseller News to CRN. But hold on a minute. Several recent developments within the PC space—both on the technology front and from a business standpoint—are making it the space to watch. And that's not going to change for quite some time.
  • DGE-560T PCI Cards Arrive
    Expanding Ethernet network capacity is no longer just for the data center—even user desktops can benefit from a faster network connection.
  • RocketRAID 3320 Blasts Off
    HighPoint Technologies' RocketRAID 3320 is one of the fastest and most stable cards tested by the CRN Test Center. The 3320 card is perfectly suited for data-intensive computing such as e-mail archiving, video streaming and many other uses for high-end storage systems.
  • AMD's Barcelona Is About Choice--Olé
    Barcelona, the code-name for AMD's new quad-core server processor, may prove to be a boost for a company that is competing against the Intel behemoth, but it represents something very significant to the channel—choice.
  • 4 The Hard Way
    Advanced Micro Devices launched its first quad-core microprocessor Sept. 10 at Lucasfilm's Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco. Along with an armed guard of Stormtroopers and a wandering Wookie, some 50 OEMs were in attendance or had filmed tributes to the long-awaited release of the chip, codenamed Barcelona, that AMD calls the "world's most advanced x86 processor ever designed and manufactured."
  • Will Intel Launch 45nm Chip At IDF?
    Chip leader hints at big announcement at next week's Intel Developer Forum, but system builders are looking past 45nm die shrink to next year's major architecture re-design, codenamed Nehalem.
  • Review: AMD's New Quad Core Barcelona
    With the launch of its quad core Opteron processor, code named Barcelona, AMD aims to change how the market thinks about CPUs. Here's what our Test Center thinks.
  • Bake-Off: Security Rivals Face Off
    Grisoft, Kaspersky Lab and Panda security are boosting their channel presence. Which vendor's suite will take home the CRNtech crown?
  • Rating The MSP Platforms
    Test Center engineers reviewed the top MSP platforms on the market. Key features that were evaluated were automation features at the management servers, ease of deployment through automation, levels of remote management, integration with various business platforms, UI design, and overall capabilities of management server and reporting engine. Here's what we found.