• There's Strength In Numbers
    A wide range of organizations enable women executives to network with their peers, offer advice to those just starting out, and so much more
  • How To Run Vista On A Mac
    You've probably heard that Microsoft Vista runs better on Macs. The Test Center knows a few different ways to get set up for it.
  • In Brief: August 2008
    Avnet has launched a program to help educate health-care solution providers by letting them observe doctors and medical staff to better understand how hospitals work.
  • How To Find Customers
    VARs are deploying many different strategies to actively expand their customer bases.
  • The Channel's Summer Blockbuster
    Vendors need to examine their SMB strategy because the collective VAR community is their greatest asset and often their weakest link.
  • ShadowRAM: August 11, 2008
    Microsoft's Silverlight technology will get a big dose of exposure this month as the technology delivering online multimedia for the Beijing Olympics.
  • More Renewal Flak
    My recent column on software license renewals ("Renewal Trouble," CRN July 28,) sparked a firestorm of e-mails and phone calls from solution providers weighing in on the debate.
  • Channel Chatter: Networking
    Despite the weak economy, Juniper Networks Inc. reported a rise in quarterly profits, partly due to solid router sales and the growing momentum around Juniper's new line of EX Ethernet switches, launched in January. CEO and Chairman Scott Kriens said on a recent earnings call that second-quarter profits rose 40 percent to $120.4 million from $86.2 million in the previous year and revenue jumped 32 percent, rising to $879 million for the quarter.
  • The White Label VAR
    C.J. Ezell, president of The ASI Group, a fast-growing VAR that uses the tagline "Powering Digital Healthcare," has given his business a makeover that is a model for solution providers of all stripes. First off, Ezell said bye-bye to his entire break/fix business four years ago in order to specialize solely on the health-care market. That move had his employees thinking he was "nuts." In fact, Ezell's lead technician quit and started his own break/fix business that captured many of the 150 customers that ASI Group was serving.
  • AMD Releases 790GX Chipset For Performance PCs
    The chip maker positions its new motherboards, integrated graphics against Intel's P45 and Nvidia's nForce 750, claims 40 percent performance boost over older on-board graphics and boasts of new overclocking features.
  • The Coming Storm Over Software Renewals
    As the IT world moves toward cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service as the norm, I can't help but wonder if there's a storm brewing in that cloud over renewals.
  • The Green Monster
    Every solution provider on the planet should be looking at starting a green practice aimed at saving their clients buckets of cash being eaten up by rising energy costs.