HP Launches Zvr Virtual Reality Display

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HP’s new line of Z Workstations includes its first commercial 3-D display, the Zvr 23.6-inch Virtual Retina Display. With virtual-holographic 3-D images, users can experience never-before-seen angles and details, and interact with the display though glasses and a stylus pen.

The big difference with the Zvr is HP's "full-motion parallax sensors," which track the user’s head movement.

"It recognizes you when you sit in front of it," HP's Ann Lai told CRNtv. "There are actually four cameras on the top [of the display] that track where your head is. One of the most common complaints on 3-D displays is that you actually have nausea or fatigue from looking at it. Because it actually tracks your head, you actually can see things from all angles, and it makes it much more comfortable to work for longer periods of time."

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The Zvr is powered by Z-space technology, and Lai said the applications for the interactive display will range from health-care to education verticals.

"You can actually show it and broadcast it in a classroom or group setting so that those people standing around can actually see the 3-D image simulated on the screen, which makes it a perfect learning and teaching tool for training, as well as for students," Lai said.