AIRTAME Solution Aims to Replace HDMI Cables

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Danish company AIRTAME is on a mission to replace the old HDMI cable with a wireless presentation device that allows you to share your screens from a computer or mobile device.

’The whole idea was to develop a device-agnostic wireless presentation device specifically for businesses,’ said AIRTAME’s Daniel Schiffer.

The AIRTAME adapter plugs into the HDMI port on a TV or projector and includes a free application. Installation of the software is brief, and users can mirror their entire screens from a computer. Sales representatives on the road will no longer have to worry about having the right cable or adapter.

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’We want AIRTAME to be easier than an HTMI cable,’ Schiffer said.

AIRTAME includes built-in enterprise-grade features like the ability to connect through Ethernet or IP, which set it apart from Chromecast. Schiffer also sees an opportunity in digital signage.

’You can customize a splash screen, you can customize it with dashboards, you can put it in Google calendars, there are various ways you can integrate AIRTAME,’ he said.

AIRTAME is sold online for a modest price of $299.