New Formlabs Printer Solves Headaches for Commercial 3-D Printers

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Formlabs’ new Form 2 SLA printer offers solutions to 3-D printing issues commercial and manufacturing shops have run into since the industry took off.

Formlabs printers use SLA, a higher resolution option for serious prototyping at a lower price tag than FDM machines.

’You can get higher quality parts than you can from FDM machines at this price point, and you can also get a wider range of materials,’ said Jory Block, of Formlabs.

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With SLA, users can create prototypes from flexible, metal, and tough materials.

The Form 2 printer is an upgrade from the Form 1-Plus, which had improved on the original unit’s motors, optical systems, and lasers.

Block said the Form 2 offers a cleaner method for printing. Now users can refill the SLA printer through a cartridge system. On earlier models, the liquid resin had to be poured by hand.

Commercial users also struggled with fluctuating temperatures in their shops, which would affect the viscosity of the resin used in the printers.

’The resin bed is now heated, which will keep the resin at a constant viscosity, which helps improve printing reliability,’ Block said.

The Form 2 also includes a touchscreen and the ability to print and send prints over Wi-Fi.