Intel Harnesses Compute Stick For Digital Signage, IoT Solutions

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Intel’s latest digital signage solutions get a boost from its popular Intel Compute Stick, which ’is simply a whole PC on a stick form factor.’

Intel’s David Bradshaw showed off the technology to CRNtv at the XChange Solution Provider conference in Los Angeles.

’In this case, we’re using the Compute Stick just behind the monitor here to run this digital signage,’ Bradshaw said. The Compute Stick fits into a standard HDMI port that is common to today’s monitors and televisions.

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Through Intel’s Corel digital signage package, the user can create their own digital signage solution for use cases in industries ranging from retail to health care. The technology showcases how Intel’s original PC replacement solution has become applicable in even more cutting-edge use cases.

’A recent survey that The Channel Company actually conducted for us showed that resellers who are using this [Compute Stick], only 40 percent are using them for PC replacement. So the other 60 percent are usually Internet of Things-type applications like digital signage,’ said Bradshaw.