Formlabs Seeks Solution Provider Partnerships To Expand 3-D Printing Installations

3-D printing dynamo Formlabs is looking to build out solution provider partnerships to get its SLA printers on desktops around the globe.

The Boston-based 3-D printing company just unveiled a partnership with Minnesota-based EAC Product Development Solutions, which specializes in product development and business process consulting.

Formlabs’ new third-generation printer, Form 2, offers professional-grade, desktop 3-D printing at a highly accessible starting price of $3,499.

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’What we’ve actually done is packed the performance of $50,000 machines into a machine that costs the price of a laptop,’ said Luke Winston, head of customer development and services at Formlabs.

The Form 2 promises ’laser-sharp prints,’ solid parts and small intricate details. A new integrated resin system allows for ’larger prints, less mess, and longer tank life.’ It also features a touch screen and Wi-Fii connectivity.

’The largest bread and butter for this type of product is rapid prototyping. So you have a lot of different firms [using this] -- anybody designing a consumer electronic, an IoT device, they’re going to be prototyping with a 3-D printer of some sort,’ he said.

Not long ago, a 3-D printer would often be a capital cost for a company. Now that Formlabs is pushing adoption, Winston said it needs the help of partners like EAC.

’We’re not just looking for someone who can sell something to someone. We want someone who can help make our customer successful. That’s one of the things EAC does; they will actually be on-site with our customers,’ he said.