Formlabs Debuts New Resin Materials, Expands 3D Printing Capabilities

Boston-based 3D printing company Formlabs improved its raw materials offerings to enable new possibilities in the realm of 3-D printing.

The company’s ’bread and butter,’ prototyping, gets a boost from the new resins.

’We have a wide variety of materials that actually allow you to prototype look and feel [and] functional prototypes,’ said Luke Winston, head of customer development and services at Formlabs.

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Formlabs recently launched a bio-compatible resin with specific use cases in the dental and medical fields.

The company launched its latest printer, the Form 2, only seven months ago, but printing material remains the area in which Formlabs is most rapidly innovating.

’We actually are constantly improving our materials so every new material you add to this machine, it gives it new capabilities,’ Winston said.

The line of functional resins includes a tough resin ’with extremely high impact resistence. Then we also added other functional resins like this, so that actually gives the printer so [many] more capabilities,’ Winston added.

’So the hardware’s the same, but the materials actually open up a new market,’ he said.