Demo: HP A3 PageWide Printer

HP’s new line of 16 disruptive printer/copier machines includes the next-generation A3 PageWide, which Vice President and General Manager Aurelio Maruggi demonstrated to CRNtv.

Although 13 of the new products will be laser products, PageWide technology offers new opportunities for resellers and MSPs working in the SMB, public sector and enterprise spaces.

’It has tremendous benefit in terms of economics of printing in color for the office; it has tremendous benefits from an environmental point of view,’ Maruggi said.

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There are no fixed costs in generating a page, and the machine can print/copy 80 pages per minute.

’This will allow the office to have color pages at a much more affordable level than there is today with traditional copiers,’ Maruggi said.

’As a matter of fact, it is not only economical in color, but it is the fastest in its class of product,’ he added.

The new A3 PageWide printers are simple and clean to maintain, and are complete portfolio products.

Maruggi said they are also ’as secure as computers and servers,’ and now act as ’smart devices’ that remain constantly connected to the network.