10 Cool AI PCs You Can Get From HP, Dell And Others

Here are 10 AI PCs you can get now or later this year from HP Inc., Dell Technologies, Lenovo and other vendors.

Ready or not, AI PCs are coming, and you may just end up finding yourself with one later this year—if you don’t own such a device already.

These are PCs that come with advanced processing capabilities to accelerate AI workloads, whether that’s coming from a high-performance discrete GPU or a chip with a CPU, GPU and a low-power neural processing unit (NPU) integrated on the same die.

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With the industry’s promise that many AI apps and features will come to rely on a PC’s processors and not the cloud, here are 10 AI PCs you can get now or later this year from HP Inc., Dell Technologies, Lenovo and other vendors.


Powered by an Intel Core Ultra chip, this laptop from Acer comes with Microsoft Copilot along with the company’s own NPU-powered features. These include Acer Purified View, which enhances video calls with automatic framing, advanced background blur and gaze correction. There’s also Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0, which suppresses unwanted background noise coming from the microphone.


Apple may have not described this premium laptop as an AI PC when it arrived last fall, but like other Macs that have been built with custom M-series chips since 2021, this device comes with the crucial engines needed to accelerate a variety of AI workloads: the CPU, GPU and Neural Engine inside the MacBook’s M3 system-on-chip. The chip’s unified memory architecture also makes it a good fit for running optimized AI models.


Called “the world’s smallest 14-inch commercial PC” by Dell Technologies, this premium 2-in-1 is a collaboration workhorse, boasting a haptic collaboration touchpad supported by Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The Latitude 9450 also sports a seamless look thanks to the wide and curved keys of its Zero-Lattice Keyboard. The device is powered by an Intel Core Ultra chip, and it also includes Microsoft Copilot.

HP ELITE X360 1040 G11

This premium business 2-in-1 from HP Inc. sports a high-end Intel Core Ultra chip and features an advanced thermal design, which works in concert with the company’s AI-based Smart Sense software to lower fan speed and adjust performance and power based on usage. Other AI-powered capabilities include Microsoft Copilot as well as HP’s Battery Health Manager, Intelligent Hibernate, and Instant On+ AutoLock and Awake features.


HP’s mobile workstation is built for professional power users such as content creators, thanks to its combination of a high-end Intel or AMD system-on-chip with an Nvidia RTX GPU. This workstation comes with the AI Creation Center, HP’s workstation offering for AI development, which will soon provide access to pretrained models through integration with Nvidia’s NGC cloud platform.


This ultrasmall-form-factor desktop comes with an Intel CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series GPU and an “easy-to-upgrade independent NPU card” developed by MemryX, giving users multiple engines to handle AI workloads for different circumstances. All of this processing is kept cool with a triple thermal fan design.


This premium business laptop from Lenovo comes with an AI-friendly Intel Core Ultra chip. The most kitted-out version includes a 2.8K OLED display sporting a120Hz refresh rate and a communications bar equipped with an 8-megapixel MIPI IR camera, which enables computer vision features like eye-tracking. The laptop also comes with Microsoft Copilot


Maingear offers a high-end desktop workstation aimed at small and midsize businesses looking to develop large-language-model-based applications. The workstation comes with Phison’s aiDAPTIV+ technology, which allows the PC to “integrate caching SSDs to seamlessly optimize the execution of AI models within the limitations of available GPU and DRAM resources.


This premium laptop features a high-end Intel Core Ultra chip and an Nvidia RTX GPU, which both get an efficiency boost from a new optimal cooling system. Adorned with a 3K Dynamic AMOLED 2Xdisplay, the laptop benefits from enhanced security via Samsung’s Knox security chip. AI capabilities range from Microsoft Copilot to advanced effects for video calls.


Bundled with a variety of AI frameworks, libraries and tools, this high-end desktop workstation from Velocity Micro features two4th-generation AMD EPYC Genoa processors, giving it up to 192 cores. These high-core-count CPUs combine with up to an Nvidia RTX 6000Ada generation GPU to power the most demanding AI and machine learning workloads.