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CES 2023: 20 Big Products And Highlights: Gadgets, PCs, VR, TVs And Semiconductors

Mark Haranas, Wade Tyler Millward

CRN breaks down 20 new products and announcements—from new chips and laptops to AI ovens and color-changing concept cars—unveiled at CES 2023.

BMW’s Color-Changing Concept Car; Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes The Stage

BMW announced during its keynote a new color-changing concept car BMW i Vision Dee, dubbed as the ultimate companion.

Although the vehicle is not on the market, the car company said it wanted to showcase what’s possible when merging hardware and software together to digitally transform a car into an intelligent ally.

The midsize electric sports sedan was covered in panels that can change between 32 different colors on demand. The outside of the car is made of electronic paper built by startup E Ink.

Movie star and BMW spokesperson Arnold Schwarzenegger took to the stage at CES 2023 last week to promote the concept car.

“In most of my movies, the machines were the enemy,” said Schwarzenegger on stage during the unveiling of VMW’s color-changing car. “But today, we found ways to use technology as an alley.”

The BMW appears to be years away from general availability.

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