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The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startup Companies Of 2022

Shane Snider

CRN rounds up chip companies making their mark on 2022 despite a turbulent economic situation unfolding.


Top Executive: Ramin Farjadrad, co-founder and chief executive officer

Chiplet innovator Eliyan provides an interconnect solution for Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) specifications at twice the bandwidth and half the power. That helped the young company (founded in 2018) raise $40 million in funding this month.

Eliyan says its chiplet packaging method is key to realizing the scale of performance and integration required in a broad range of comput intensive applications for data centers, cloud computing, AI and graphics.

Eliyan founder and CEO Ramin Farjadrad said in a release: “Technology scaling using conventional system on chip (SoC) architectures is hitting the wall, requiring a new approach in how we integrate and manufacture silicon. Our extensive background in developing bleeding-edge technologies in this space led us to focus on a key challenge: interconnect improvements for system-in-package and chip-to-memory architectures as the path to deliver performance scaling.”


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