CRN's 2012 Technology Channel Year In Review

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In a year marked by the presidential election, 2012 was also a year marked by decisions in the technology industry. The battle for mobile supremacy raged on as consumers continued to choose sides in deciding between devices powered by Apple or Google, with Microsoft entering the realm with its highly anticipated release of Windows 8. And once that decision was made on the consumer-end, solution providers were left to decide how to best manage their customer's environments as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon continued to flood the corporate space with personal devices.

The cloud continued to be a lightning rod as well, with multiple vendors of all specialties and sizes deciding to enter the market to get a piece of the action through hosting, security, storage and other services.

Oh, and HP's decision to acquire Autonomy in 2011 ultimately reared its ugly head in 2012 with the announcement that the deal is resulting in an $8.8 billion charge against its earnings.

Join CRN as we take a look back at the tech industry and chart the biggest industry news stories, vendor news stories and the coolest products of 2012.


The 10 Biggest Channel Stories Of 2012

Solution providers were pulled in many directions in 2012. Here's a look back at the 10 biggest channel stories of the year.

The 10 Biggest Managed Services Stories Of 2012

Mobility, managed print and security vulnerabilities were three topics making headlines for MSPs this year. Here's a look back at the biggest managed services stories of the year.

The 10 Biggest Virtualization Stories Of 2012

From software-defined networking's rise, to big deals and major executive shuffles, this was a year with few dull moments in the virtualization marketplace.

The 10 Biggest Cloud Stories Of 2012

It was a year of fierce innovation and competition, as a wide variety of cloud service models took shape.

The 10 Biggest Software Stories Of 2012

It was a year of big product introductions, big data technologies and big embarrassments in the software industry. Here's a look back at 10 stories that kept the software industry interesting this year.

The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2012

Cloud outages happen so frequently that they've lost their shock effect and contribute to the popularity of private clouds.

The Top 10 Security Breaches Of 2012

Here's a look back at the missteps, miscues and misapprehensions that led to a profitable year for cybercriminals.


The 2012 Products of the Year

From servers to laptops to tablets, 2012 was a great year of great products. Here are the ones we found to be the best.

The 10 Coolest Laptops Of 2012

The variety of mobile computing in 2012 has been staggering. Here's a look at the coolest laptop devices of the year.

The 10 Coolest Flash Storage/SSDs Products Of 2012

Flash storage, once found mainly in SSDs, in 2012 took on many forms as storage vendors introduced new hardware and software that incorporate flash technology in so many ways to increase storage performance.

The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2012

Smartphones got even smarter in 2012, with new features that even five years ago would seem like something out of the Jetson's. Here are 10 of the coolest to burst onto the scene.

The 10 Best Open Source Products Of 2012

Google, MySQL and Ubuntu are the usual major players, but there are a few smaller ones as well.


The 10 Biggest HP Stories Of 2012

From never-ending financial struggles, to reorganizations, layoffs, new faces and products, HP was a whirlwind of major developments in 2012. CRN examines the 10 most important.

10 Most Controversial Companies Of 2012

Every year there are IT vendors that love to shake things up, battle with rivals, take bold risks and generally stir things up. Here we examine the 10 most notable examples from this year.

The 10 Biggest Microsoft Stories Of 2012

Windows 8 comes out, Steven Sinofsky bows out and the Surface tablet doesn't seem to be selling out. It was the usual busy year in the Microsoft universe. Here's what we think were the top Microsoft stories of 2012.


The 10 Most-Read CRN News Stories Of 2012

CRN presents the most-read technology news stories of 2012, from HP and Oracle's very public spat to the competition in the cloud and mobility spaces heating up.

The 10 Biggest Data Center Stories Of 2012

CRN looks back at the top data center stories of 2012, a year in which Superstorm Sandy gave the industry the ultimate disaster test and new technologies tested data centers' ability to manage new workloads.

The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2012

It was a wild year for the networking segment, with major changes in the channels of Cisco, Juniper and other major players, as well as with the industry-wide SDN trend starting to take hold in a big way. Here are the 10 stories that kept us buzzing this year.

The 10 Biggest Security Stories Of 2012

We review the highlights, as well as the low lights, of 2012 from an information security point of view. New changes to the threat landscape not only underscore the year that is coming to a close but also portend what's to come.

The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2012

Small storage vendors looked up, large vendors looked down and everyone looked at the storage cloud, flash technology and even old-school storage technology in 2012 to build the storage infrastructures that will impact customers in 2013 and beyond.

The 10 Biggest Acquisitions Of 2012

CRN looks at the biggest tech acquisitions of 2012, from cloud-based software deals to software-defined networking purchases.


The Most Innovative Products of 2012

Here's a look at the winners of the 2012 Tech Innovator Awards, including the CRN Test Center's 2012 Editor's Choice for the most innovative product of the year.

The 10 Best Mobile Apps Of 2012

The year saw a diverse cross-section of apps for security, productivity, navigation and contact management. Here are the best apps of 2012.

The 10 Coolest Tablets Of 2012

The tablet market is crowded with more iPads, more Android tablets and now Windows 8 devices. So which ones were the coolest in 2012?

The 10 Coolest Big Data Products Of 2012

As the total amount of stored information reached an estimated 2.7 zettabytes in 2012, the range of technologies hitting the market to handle all that big data also rapidly grew. Here's our list of the coolest big data products for the year.


The 10 Biggest Apple Stories Of 2012

Between a rare product flop and a number of executive shake-ups, Apple was the talk of the tech world in 2012. Here are 10 of the biggest stories from the year.

The 10 Biggest Google Stories Of 2012

From BigQuery and Compute Engine to Chromebook and Nexus, Google created news covering a broad range of technologies in 2012.

The 10 Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2012

Cisco killed off Cius, bought Meraki, changed channel chiefs and talked up CEO succession. Yet, none was the biggest Cisco story of the year. Here's a look at Cisco's 2012.


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