CRN's Data Center 100

CRN's 2013 Data Center 100 explores the top data center infrastructure vendors serving the channel in the data protection, disaster recovery and cloud services spaces.

Data Center 100

As the pace of IT change quickens, finding the right experts to help build and operate data centers is crucial. The 2013 Data Center 100 list is one place to start. By no means an exhaustive list of partners, it instead looks at representative companies who can be counted on for help with data center infrastructure, tools, virtualization capabilities, services, and design.

The 2013 Data Center 100 is presented across five categories:

Infrastructure: The hardware and software on which the data center is built.

Tools: Software and hardware for monitoring and managing data centers.

Virtualization: Technologies for virtualizing parts of the data center to turn them into services.

Services Providers: The cloud, co-location, software, storage, compute, and other resources customers can use in lieu of purchasing their own assets.

Designers & Builders: Those responsible for ensuring that the right mix of IT, power, and cooling equipment is laid out.