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10 Data Center Companies You Need To Watch In 2023

O’Ryan Johnson

Hyperscalers and enterprise data center growth is projected to continue to race higher as digital transformation drives demand for the bedrock technology.


Why you should watch: A global player and one of the largest data center providers in the world is growing in critical markets such as Africa.

Equinix grew significantly by acquisition in 2022, closing on more than $1 billion worth of deals around the globe.

In West Africa, the company last April closed on its acquisition of MainOne for $320 million lassoing four data centers with 64,000 square feet of space that provides services to Nigeria, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivorie. MainOne, now an Equinix company, continues under the leadership of CEO Funke Opeke.

Then, in December, Equinix announced it would expand its footprint on the continent with a $160 million investment in Johannesburg.

“We entered the African continent earlier this year with the acquisition of MainOne, the leading West African data center and connectivity solutions provider with presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Côte d‘Ivoire,“ said Eugene Bergen, president of EMEA at Equinix. ”This investment will give both South African businesses the opportunity to expand internationally and global businesses to expand into South Africa.”

Additionally, Equinix purchased five data centers from Entel in Chile and Perum with acquisitions totaling $720 million.

O’Ryan Johnson

O’Ryan Johnson is a veteran news reporter. He covers the data center beat for CRN and hopes to hear from channel partners about how he can improve his coverage and write the stories they want to read. He can be reached at

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