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10 Data Center Companies You Need To Watch In 2023

O’Ryan Johnson

Hyperscalers and enterprise data center growth is projected to continue to race higher as digital transformation drives demand for the bedrock technology.


Why You Should Watch: The company’s unwavering channel focus, as well as massive investments in building its national capacity and cloud presence.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based company is continuing to find success with its FlexAnywhere product, a hybrid IT solution that leverages cloud, even as it grows its traditional data center footprint.

In 2022, Flexential launched new builds in Hillsboro, Ore., where it added 54-megawatts of capacity to expand its total capacity for that region to 100-megawatts.

Meanwhile it also grew its low-latency, high performance hybrid-cloud capabilities at three data centers in Charlotte, Nashville and Louisville.

That expansion gave Flexential a total of 10 enabled data centers for cloud customers which provide lower latency communications across workloads and applications. The data centers provide those capabilities while reaching a broader base of end-users, the company said.

“In this rapidly evolving, digital-first technology landscape, it’s critical that we support our customers’ ability to deliver superior application performance and position them for success in the market,” Felxential chief operating officer Ryan Mallory said in a company statement. “This expansion is just one example of Flexential’s commitment to partner with customers to ensure their IT infrastructure meets their unique business needs and enables them to manage mission-critical workloads efficiently and effectively.”

O’Ryan Johnson

O’Ryan Johnson is a veteran news reporter. He covers the data center beat for CRN and hopes to hear from channel partners about how he can improve his coverage and write the stories they want to read. He can be reached at

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