Oracle Debuts High-Performance Cloud Computing Server

server middleware

The Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud server combines 64-bit x86 hardware, a total of 30 compute servers with 360 cores, with Oracle middleware such as the WebLogic server, Oracle Coherence data grid software, JRockit Java runtime software and Oracle VM virtualization software.

"We spent a lot of time optimizing Oracle software to run on the Exalogic box," CEO Larry Ellison said, introducing the product in his opening keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld.

Ellison said the system can handle 1.8 million messages per second or 1 million HTTP requests per second. Two Exalogic boxes, he claimed, could handle all the messaging traffic generated by Facebook's 500 million users.

"It's one big honkin' cloud," he said. He called the system "the fastest computer for running Java applications" software and said it could be used for application consolidation or for running both public and private cloud systems.

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The system uses Infiniband technology (capable of handling 40 gigabits per second) to link its internal components, has 2.8 TB of DRAM, 4 TB of read cache and 960 GB of solid-state disk storage.

Oracle will offer Linux and the Solaris operating systems with Exalogic.