Report: Customer Satisfaction Dives Then Surges With IT Spending

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Customer satisfaction with IT service and support surged in the first half of 2010 thanks to a historically large IT refresh rate, according to a survey by analyst firm Technology Business Research.

That surge contrasted with dismal customer satisfaction the year before as customers struggled to keep older systems running longer than normal in the face of the economic downturn, Hampton, N.H.-based Technology Business Research wrote in a research report released Friday.

The surge in satisfaction was concentrated in the second quarter of 2010, which TBR said suggested that the typical six-month to nine-month lag between new spending and improved satisfaction was not a factor.

And that, TBR wrote, indicates that such satisfaction is probably only temporary. "We expect this surge to be limited in scope, as the elation around new spending wears off as customers begin to get down to real business," it wrote.

The dive in customer service and support satisfaction in 2009, followed by the surge in the first half of 2010, impacted all the vendors cited in the TBR survey, including Dell Services, HP Services, IBM Global Services and Lenovo Services.


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