Virtualization Startup Wanova Snags Data Synchronization Patent

Wanova Mirage centralizes image management in a way that's similar to VDI but adds the ability for personalization. The product blends elements of client and server virtualization, giving IT departments full control over endpoints while allowing users to customize their machines as they see fit.

Mirage keeps a primary copy of the user desktop in the data center, but the end user also has a copy stored locally. Barry Phillips, Wanova's chief marketing officer and vice president of sales, says the patent covers centralized management of the primary copy of each PC image as well as the synchronization of user data in between.

Wanova's single image management is achieved through the use of layering technology in the data center. "The fact that everything is synched very efficiently, and in between is what this patent protects," Phillips said.

In addition, the patent covers the layering technology that allows a local copy of the image to run on an endpoint, with constant and optimized synchronization between the two images, according to Phillips.

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Wanova Mirage consists of two layers: A top level user space where the applications live and a driver library layer beneath that ensures that the users' desktop will look exactly the same no matter what hardware they're using. It's this driver library that enables Mirage to function using a single, centrally managed of Windows, Phillips said.

"We synchronize everything that happens on the bottom layer up into the network," he said. "If I were to break or lose my machine, I could quickly put client on a new one and use that. It's complete backup of an entire system."

Phillips said Wanova has also integrated de-duplication into its network synchronization technology. "If I have a Powerpoint and my system has already synched, and I add a chart, it synchs just the chart and not all the data. We only transfer one thing and store one thing," he said.

The patent, which was issued May 31, is the first of several Wanova is seeking for its network and storage capacity optimization technologies.