Dell Previews Next Generation PowerEdge Server Benefits

Strap on your technology seatbelts. Dell CEO Michael Dell on Tuesday told Oracle OpenWorld conference attendees that the next generation Dell PowerEdge servers will help drive Oracle database queries 60 times faster.

Dell used his keynote address to preview the performance gains expected from the 12th generation of his company's industry standard x86-based PowerEdge servers, which are slated to be unveiled in the first quarter next year. He said the PowerEdge servers combined with innovative Dell Compellent storage and Dell Force10 high speed networking will all work together to provide the impressive 60 times faster mark for PowerEdge servers running Oracle databases.

"We think this is absolutely game changing," said Dell, whose keynote appearance marked his ninth consecutive year at Oracle OpenWorld.

The new PowerEdge servers include a tier zero storage architecture that is marked step up from the gains that have been made with current state-of-the-art, flash-based memory designed to bring memory closer to the compute engine for improved performance. "Now with our 12th generation architecture, we are architecting tier zero storage right into our systems from the beginning," Dell said. "You can't get any closer to the CPU and you can't get any faster."

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"There are really impressive gains in capability that are coming in compute performance, memory footprint, storage scalability, IO bandwidth," he said touting the new PowerEdge servers along with Dell Compellent and Dell Force10 networking offerings. "All this combined together is going to transform application performance and open up all sorts of new scenarios."

The performance improvements will enable industry standard x86-based PowerEdge systems to power highly complex enterprise workloads in markets like business intelligence, analytics, and online transaction processing, said Dell.

That means the new Dell PowerEdge systems, which were first introduced in the mid-90s and have an installed base of more than 15 million, will go head to head against Oracle's own tighly engineered hardware-software offerings, including the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine.

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Dell also announced that Force10 is the first validated network provider for Oracle Enteprise Manager 12 integrated with Open Automation. "Dell can now simplify management and bridge the silohs between networking, compute and clouds and on premise data centers," he said. "It is fully scalable, fully managed and works from small environments to the largest data centers in the world."

The Dell PowerEdge solution powering that 60 times faster Oracle database performance improvement includes Dell Compellent storage technology and high performance Force10 networking that can support 1024 microprocesor cores, 40 Tbyte DRAM, and 40 Tbyte of flash storage. The new PowerEdge servers will also take advantage of Dell's June acquisition of RNA Networks, an innovative memory virtualization technology provider.

The net impact from the new Dell PowerEdge offerings combined with Dell Compellent storage and Force10 networking technology will not only drive performance improvements but also open the door for enterprise customers to significantly reduce their IT footprint. "Imagine today you have a data center with 10 racks of servers and storage all consolidated to one rack," he said.

Carnival Cruise Lines, which has combined Dell PowerEdge servers with Dell Equallogic storage, has seen a 60 percent server footprint reduction along with a 38 percent improvement in Oracle 10g database performance, while at the same time saving 7,000 administrative hours, said Dell.

Dell stressed that his company, which began as a PC maker, is now an "end to end solutions company" that has benefited tremendously from its $3.9 billion acquisition two years ago of Perot Systems. The acquisition has provided Dell with some 45,000 services professionals with vertical industry focus including a leading position in the healthcare IT industry.

Dell said the fast changing IT landscape means CIOs now must become "business strategists figuring out how to make businesses succeed" with a sharp focus on creating business value and streamlining processes. "IT and business have become one in the same," said Dell. "Customers don’t want to talk to us unless we truly understand their business and we can bring solutions of value."